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The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is the most broadly accepted English language test across the world. If you are seeking admission to the top universities abroad, this is definitely your gateway to success. Accepted by over 9,000 institutions, universities, and agencies, around the globe, TOEFL scores can be used in more than 130 countries that include Australia, Canada, and USA. No matter what subject you intend to apply for success in this test clearly shows your proficiency in English.

TOEFL is for:

  • Students preparing for higher studies abroad
  • Students seeking admission to English-language learning programmes
  • Scholarship and certification students
  • Students of English-language who intend to track their proficiency
  • Students and professionals who are applying for visas

Test Content

This test is administered through the internet. The test contains 4 sections:

  • Listening to English
  • Reading in English
  • Writing in English and
  • Speaking in English

The test necessitates your use of more than one skill at once. Let’s take a look at the different sections of the test:


Allotted Time (minutes)

No. of Questions

The Tasks




Read about 3 to 4 passages from relevant academic text and answer questions




Listen to classroom discussion, lectures or conversations and answer questions







6 tasks

An extempore based on the reading and listening tasks offered before – give your opinion



2 tasks

Writing an essay based on the reading and listening tasks before – should be opinion-based

  • It is imperative for you to keep up with the time allotted during the reading section. You must pace yourself well so as to complete your reading task and also have sufficient time to respond to questions following the task.
  • As for writing, we suggest you practice on the QWERTY keyboard to speed up your typing speed.
  • To help you understand accented English, we suggest you practice listening to and deciphering British, Australian, American, and New Zealand accents.

When and where to take a test?

TOEFL offer multiple test dates and is conducted in various countries around the world. Test dates are over 50 in a year, and you can retake as many tests as you need. However, there has to be a gap of 12 days before you can take a retest. Once your test date is allocated, you cannot register on another date within 12 days of the existing one. Check out the violation policies:

  • If violation is identified post registration and before the test, the scheduled appointment will be annulled without a fee refund
  • If violation is detected after the test scores are out, the scores will be immediately cancelled without a fee refund

Who accepts TOEFL scores?

College admission officers accept TOEFL scores in comparison with other English language tests. You must look for institutions that rely on the TOEFL scores, or check whether the university you have applied for considers TOEFL.

In Australia, TOEFL scores are accepted for higher study candidates, skilled migrants, post-study candidates and for business visas.

In the UK, TOEFL scores are acknowledged for Tier 4 student visas under some conditions.

The test cost:

This varies from one country to another. Check out the cost of TOEFL in your specific location.