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Why Study in the UK

  • The British educational system has a good reputation.
  • Accredited qualifications obtained from British schools and universities are recognised worldwide.
  • University and colleges are strictly regulated and monitored to meet high standard of education.
  • Mostly UK Universities are research oriented and they are best in world for developing cutting edge technology and knowledge.
  • Only just one year master programme which save one precious year of student.
  • No application fee is required for most of the graduate and post graduate courses.
  • UK degree leads to a good job in future worldwide .
  • Student can work for 20 hrs as part timer during the term time of their study and work full time during holidays.
  • Dependent are allowed to accompany student if student is studying at Master or above program. Dependent are allowed to work full time .
  • One of the highest minimum wages provider countries of the world.
  • International students are highly recognised by the local recruiters so job opportunities are higher.
  • People in UK are very friendly, supportive and co-operative with international students.